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Flat-Head Angle Grinders

The problem solvers in acute angles down to 39°

You have to smoothen fillet weld seams in small angles or clean deep root seams? You cannot reach them with normal angle grinders? Do away with time-consuming working with wire brushes and the construction of modified tools. The Metabo flat-head angle grinders show their strength when things get tight. They work quickly and safely at hard-to-reach and tight spots with angles down to 39°. The extremely flat gear head makes it possible. These innovative power tools were developed by Metabo for the removal of welding sludge, rust or lacquer in narrow frame constructions and for working in confined positions. Flat-head angle grinders are available both with cable and also for operation with battery packs for independence from the power grid.

Flat-head angle grinders with Marathon motor

The angle grinders with the flat gear head are offered for a disc diameter of 125 and 150 mm. With smaller discs an angle of 43° can easily be reached, the 150 mm discs also grind in an angle down to 39°, and where other angle grinders have long given up. The flat-head angle grinders are equipped with powerful Marathon motors able of handling overload with 910 and 1550 Watt, depending on the model. All models come with the Metabo Quick System for tool-free disc change, a soft start and electronic safety shutdown when the disc jams for high user safety. The maximum safety equipment is offered by the flat-head angle grinder WEPBF 15-150 Quick. It has an additional deadman switch and a mechanical disc brake for a disc stop within 2 seconds after releasing the switch. The flat-head angle grinder WEVF 10-125 Quick Inox with speed control is developed especially for processing stainless steel. A high torque and a reduced speed range customised for stainless steel ensure a cool cut without blue discolouration. And all this in acute angles down to 43°

Cordless flat-head angle grinder for the cordless construction site

No power socket nearby? No problem. Metabo offers with the cordless flat-head angle grinder WF 18 LTX 125 Quick also a cordless machine for grinding in acute angles. It belongs to the large 18 volt battery pack system from Metabo. This means that every Metabo battery pack with 18 volt can be fitted on this machine. Also the battery packs of other leading brands of the CAS partners can be used at any time. CAS stands for "Cordless Alliance System", the world's most efficient battery pack system on the market, based on Metabo's 30 years of competence and experience in battery pack technology. Discover the new dimension of the CAS battery pack system: www.cordless-alliance-system.com

The right disc matters

The extensive range of accessories for angle grinders can be used with any flat-head angle grinder. Some discs are suited particularly for use with flat-head angle grinders: The grinding discs "Flexiamant Super FKS" are special discs for processing fillet weld seams in stainless steel and steel thanks to a high degree of fineness. The flap discs "Flexiamant Convex" have a special shape with lamellae that are rounded off towards the outer edges for the ideal processing of fillet weld seams. Also the fleece compact discs from Metabo and the steel-wire wheel brushes are typical accessories of a flat-head angle grinder. From coarse grinding to finishing - optimal working results can be achieved even in tight spaces.