Rotary and chipping hammers

Which Metabo hammer for which application?

Discover the rotary hammers, combination hammers, chipping hammers and multi hammers:

Metabo divides its hammer range into the following categories:


  • Multi hammers: four functions (hammer drilling, drilling in two speeds and chiselling)
  • Combination hammers: three functions (hammer drilling, drilling, chiselling)
  • Rotary hammers: two functions (hammer drilling and drilling)
  • Chipping hammers: one function (chiselling)

Rotary and chipping hammers

Power packs from Metabo for hammer drilling and chipping

Stone and concrete are particularly hard, demanding materials.A lot of power and energy is required for drilling and chiselling. Metabo hammers have a high-performance hammer action with a precise pneumatic impact mechanism that generates impacts with maximum impact energy with minimal pressure. This power combined with user-friendly ergonomics and lots of technical details for optimal work comfort make Metabo hammers unique in their respective area. Compact cordless hammers make you independent from the power network. Rotary hammers and combination hammers with SDS-plus bit retainer offer powerful performance with relatively low weight. The SDS-max combination hammers and SDS-max chipping hammers are unbeatable for particularly demanding drilling and chipping applications.

Metabo SDS-max hammers - light and powerful

The powerful SDS-plus drill hammers from emtabo are always the right ones when it comes to general drilling or chipping applications in stone or concrete. Thanks to the proven SDS-plus bit retainer, the tools used can be changed quickly and without complications. If you have to switch between drilling and chipping applications, a Metabo combination hammer is the ideal power tool, since it is equipped with a rotation stop for chipping. The multi hammers offer even more application options when drilling, since a second gear with higher speeds can be selected. If you wnt only hammer drilling, you can also use pure. weight-optimised SDS-plus rotary hammers without chipping function.

Drilling, hammer drilling and chiselling without cable

With the 18V cordless hammers from Metabo you can drill holes into concrete until a maximum diameter of 24 mm. The two largest cordless combination hammers, KHA 36-18 LTX 32 and KHA 36 LTX, you can even drill 32 mm into concrete without any problems. The battery-powered hammers can thus very well keep up with mains-powered SDS-plus rotary hammers and chipping hammers. The delivery any time a high single-impact energy for quick drilling progress in concerete and masonry. The cordless combination hammers with rotation stop can also be used for chipping. The specialist for low-dust hammer drilling is the cordless hammer KHA 18 LTX BL 24 Quick. It has an integrated extraction interface that permits dust-free drilling. The compact dust extraction ISA 18 LTX 24 is mounted quickly and without tools to the cordless hammer.

Hammer drilling and chiselling with Metabo SDS-max hammers

Metabo combination hammers and chipping hammers that are equipped with an SDS-max bit retainer, are built for particularly hard application areas with highest requirements. A total of three Metabo combination hammers are equipped with brushless motors. The brushless technology stands for extremely drilling and chipping performance. The KHEV 5-40 BL is a light 5 kg brushless hammer, the combination hammer KHEV 8-45 BL is part of the 8 kg class and the KHEV 11-52 BL is a 1,500 Watt powerful hammer in the 11 kg class. All three are particularly powerful representatives of their class thanks to brushless motor and high-performance impact mechanism. Also the two chipping hammers MHEV 5 BL and MHEV 11 BL have a brushless motor. Vibrations are an important topic for hammers. The brushless hammers score here as will with a double effective anti-vibration system.

Chipping with compressed air

If a compressed air compressor is used, air hammers are ideal for applications in masonry, roof tiles or aerated concrete. These tools easily manage the removal of plaster and tiles and light mortising work. They are extremely light and compact. Metabo offers three compressed air solutions, from compressor to the air treatment and air distribution to the ideal air tool for your application.