Universal accessories

Work trestle
Order no.
Work trestle set MAB 82 (626990000)
  • Two robust and stable steel trestles with powder-coated, galvanised surfaces
  • Height-adjustable feet for optimal working height
  • Compact transport dimensions and easy setup within seconds
  • Adjustable, lateral squared timber mount to interconnect two trestles
  • Openings for locking clamps or screw clamps and for fixing semi-stationary machines such as a mitre saw
  • Additional support bracket at the feet
  • Pivoting feet to compensate for uneven grounds
  • Carry handle for easy transport

Weight: 10.2 kg
Max. load, individual: 590 kg
Height: 615 - 820 mm
Dimensions, set-up: 1160 x 980 x 820 mm
Dimensions, folded: 110 x 980 x 142 mm
Order no.
Multifunctional table MWB 100 (626991000)
  • Mobile workshop with many fields of application
  • Fast setup and dismantling thanks to folding mechanism
  • Height-adjustable feet for optimal working height
  • Levelling foot to compensate uneven grounds
  • Circumferential T-groove for lateral clamping with suitable clamps
  • Robust MDF table top (replaceable) with 20 mm dog holes and angle display
  • Several tables can be connected thanks to supplied corner connectors
  • Numerous fastening options for semi-stationary tools
  • Easy transport thanks to light aluminium frame and transport handles
  • Circumferential groove for suspending suitable open fronted storage bins

Weight: 22.1 kg
Max. load: 120 kg
Height: 800 - 1000 mm
Material of table top: MDF
Material thickness of table top: 20 mm
Bore diameters: 20 mm
Table dimensions: 710 x 960 mm
Dimensions, set-up: 750 x 1000 x 1000 mm
Dimensions, folded: 750 x 1000 x 88.5 mm

Multifunctional table MWB 100

Flexible multifunctional table for versatile applications on the construction site.

Work trestles MAB 82

Work trestle set for a wide variety of applications on the construction site.