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Mitre Saws / Crosscut and Mitre Saws


Robust mitre saws for construction site and workshop

Mitre saws from Metabo carry decades of experience in them. The range comprises over 10 saws for different challenges. The rated input power varies for the models from 1350 watt to 2200 watt. Saw blade diameters can be selected from 216 mm to 315 mm, the maximum width and height of the workpiece depends on this. The large crosscut and mitre saw KGS 315 Plus manages an impressive cutting width of 320 mm with a cutting depth of 120 mm if the saw blade is at 90°. Obviously the sliding function integrated in all mitre saw models is used here. For mobile use we recommend the compact lightweights with carry handle that weigh barely more than 10 kilos. Unique is the KGSV 72 Xact SYM mitre saw, a combination of panel and skirting saw with symmetrically adjustable stop system. A real progress for the floorer for time-saving, precise sawing.

Functions for maximum sawing comfort

The turntable can be turned on both sides for all mitre saws. However, even the pitch of the saw head is standard, for some types even to the right and left. Mitre cuts, bevel cuts and rafter cuts are possible without problems. If you have a mitre saw with speed regulation, you can also saw in aluminium and plastic without any problems with adapted speeds. The integrated laser for cutting guidance and the extendable table width extensions are standard at metabo, just as the option to extract chips. Please refer to the individual products for further product features.

Large range of saw blades for mitre saws

From rough cuts in construction wood to precise, clean cuts in demanding workpieces, saw blades are available in all required diameters and teeth. Special blades for plastic and aluminium round off the extensive range of accessories for mitre saws. Stands can be used for sawing while standing up. Light and robust, partly equipped with trolley function for mobile use, they are loyal helpers also on the construction site. When sawing long workpieces, the support surfaces can be extended up to a width of 4 metres for the mitre saw stand KSU 401.

The cordless construction site with cordless mitre saws

Also cordless mitre saws are powerful tools thanks to modern battery pack technology that are mainly used to construction sites or during fitting and laying jobs. With an LiHD high-performance battery pack (8 Ah), for example, up to 340 cuts in soft wood 60 x 60 mm are possible with a single battery pack charge. You can use any battery pack with 18 volt from Metabo in our battery pack system for all 18 volt tools. Even battery packs from other brands from the CAS partner association can be used. Discover now at www.cordless-alliance-system.com