• Additional accessories for die grinders

Additional accessories for die grinders

Order no.
Clamp (627107000)
  • For the secure fixing on a work table

Clamping stand
Order no.
Clamping stand for machines with collar 43 mm (627354000)
  • For safe clamping of drills and impact drills as well as die grinders and the motor of the router when working with flexible shafts. Aperture Ø 43 mm. The clamp (627107000) serves for the secure fixing

Flexible shafts
Order no.
Flexible shaft 27609 (627609000)
  • Suitable for speeds of 20,000 to 30,000 rpm
  • Bearing-mounted at both ends
  • For router bits, mounted points, flap wheels etc. with 6 mm shaft diameter. Interchangeable collet for accessories with 3 mm shaft diameter available as accessory (630715000)
  • 6 mm driving shaft for fixing the flexible shaft in the collet bore of the drive machine. If the collet bore of the drive machine has a different dimension than 6 mm, the collet of the drive machine must be changed. 6 mm collet available as accessory (631945000)

Suitable for routers: FME 737
Suitable for die grinders: G 500 / GE 700 / GE 710 Compact / GE 710 Plus
Length: 1.3 m
Driving shaft: 6 mm
Collet bore: 6 mm
Weight: 0.8 kg
Tensioning frame
Order no.
Tensioning frame for die grinders (628329000)
  • Tensioning frame for working with a flexible shaft
  • The Metabo tensioning frame with hard rubber can be set up or hung up, is non-slip, stable and protects delicate surfaces from scratches.
  • Suitable for GE 710 Plus, GE 950 G Plus, GA 18 LTX, GA 18 LTX G

Mounting arbor for small cutting discs
Order no.
Mounting arbor for small cutting discs (630189000)
  • For mounting small cutting and grinding discs on die grinders
  • Safety note: When using this mounting arbor, the highest permitted speed must be observed. The mounting arbor is to be used with the mounted disc until the highest permitted speed: disc Ø 50 mm: max. permitted speed: 19,100 min; disc Ø 76 mm: max. permitted speed: 12,500 min

Shaft Ø: 6 mm
Collet 6 mm for flexible shaft 27609 (630714000)
Collets for flexible shaft 627609000
  • To attach the carbide router bits, mounted points etc. to the flexible shaft
Collet bore Order no.
6 mm 630714000
3mm 630715000
Collet 6 mm with flange nut (double flat), GS (630820000)
Collets for die grinder
  • Collet Ø 6 mm, with flange nut (double flat) for the Metabo die grinders
Collet bore Version Order no.
6 mm double flat 630820000
6 mm hexagon 631945000
8 mm hexagon 631946000
3mm hexagon 631947000
1/8" (3.18 mm) hexagon 631948000
1/4" (6.35 mm) double flat 631949000
Collet 3 mm for flexible shaft 30980 (630976000)
Collets for flexible shaft 630980000
  • To attach the carbide router bits, mounted points etc. to the flexible shaft
Collet bore Order no.
3mm 630976000
6 mm 630977000
8 mm 630979000
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