• Fleece compact polishing disc "Unitized" - VKS

Fleece compact polishing disc "Unitized" - VKS

Fleece compact grinding disc "Unitized” 125 x 22,23mm, WS (626368000)
Fleece compact polishing disc "Unitized" - VKS
  • Made of compacted fleece material on a fibreglass backing pad
  • For cleaning and polishing surfaces, for smoothing weld seams; reduces the number of working stages required
  • For alloy and high-alloy steels, coloured and light metals, chrome and nickel steels, titanium, steels
  • Max. torque: 8,000 /min; 52 m/s
  • Recommended speed: 3,000 /min
Diameter x thickness x bore Grit Sales unit / packaging unit Order no.
125 x 7/8 x 22.23 mm very fine 1 / 1 626368000
12522.23 mm very fine 5 / 1 626417000
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