• "Metabo Pyramid" hook and loop sanding sheets

"Metabo Pyramid" hook and loop sanding sheets

5 Hook and loop sanding sheets 125 mm, P120/A160, Pyr., AG (626371000)
"Metabo Pyramid" hook and loop sanding sheets
  • 3-dimensional structure of the grinding media (pyramid-shaped).
  • High material removal with, at the same time, a very even and fine grinding result. Long service life. Faster progress when compared to tradition grinding media thanks to the considerable reduction in the number of working stages.
  • For removing scratches, rolling marks on stainless steel. Prepare for polishing.
  • Suitable for use throughout the metal industry; especially for stainless steels, titanium, cobalt, nickel, chrome alloys.
Diameter Grit Sales unit Order no.
125 mm P 120 (A 160) 5 626371000
125 mm P 280 (A 65) 5 626372000
125 mm P 400 (A 45) 5 626373000
125 mm P 600 (A 30) 5 626374000
125 mm P 1200 (A 16) 5 626403000
125 mm P 2000 (A 6) 5 626404000
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