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New metal bevelling tool KFMV 17-15 F

Perfect weld seam preparation.

A true problem solver: The 1,700 Watt KFMV 17-15 F Metal Bevelling Tool saves time and costs when preparing welded seams, and achieves more precise work results than an angle grinder.

Bevelling tools


Fast and clean processing of edges

Metabo bevelling tools are the ideal solution when it comes to breaking sharp edges, prepare visible edges or carry out a weld seam preparation. The new machines are extremely powerful with a chamfer height of up to 15 mm (at 45°). The Cordless Bevelling Tool KFM 18 LTX 3 RF are also the most powerful 18 Volt battery pack bevelling tool on the market for chamfers of up to 4 mm and radii of up to 3 mm.

The compact bevelling tools

The two compact bevelling tools for 45° chamfers and radii from 2 to 3 mm at visible edges. Whether mains or battery-powered - they are ideally suited for breaking and rounding of drilled and punched edges, chamfering of pipes and the deburring of sheet metal with plenty of contours. High surface quality and precise work results characterise these bevelling tools. During the cutting process uniform surfaces are created without additional rework and perfect radii for optimal preparation of edges for coatings. Filigree deburring of straight sheet metal is also no problem. Straight edges, curves and outer contours from a radius of 13 mm can be processed. Curve or chamfer? The universal cutter head always remains on the machine, only the carbide indexable inserts must be replaced. The cutting depth can be adjusted without tools in 0.1 mm steps thanks to the patented one-touch controller. Integrated stop points support fast operation and protect against unintentional adjustment of the cutting depth while working.

Bevelling tools for weld seam preparation

The three large bevelling tools are opening up a new dimension for productive working, fast work patterns and precise results in the preparation of weld seams. They are suited for all relevant chamfer angles of 0 - 90°. Both flat materials and pipes can be processed. The most powerful metal bevelling tool KFM 16-15 F with 1,600 watt rated input power manages a chamfer height of up to 15 mm at 45°. Metabo bevelling tools permit much more precise working than with an angle grinder. The result are clean, oxide and burr-free surfaces without blue discolouration of the material. This is the ideal weld seam preparation. Chamfer angle and chamfer height are set directly via the guide plates, the cutting depth is set via the one-touch controller without tools in 0.1 mm steps. Thanks to the stop roller, even pipes with an outside curvature from 75 mm can be processed precisely and easily. With these machines you achieve perfect work results in a faster, safer and cheaper way.

Carbide indexable inserts for the bevelling tools

Metabo as system provider offers the matching carbide indexable inserts for the bevelling tools as accessories: Indexable inserts for deburring and rounding for the smaller, more compact bevelling tools and indexable inserts for the weld seam preparation for the larger models. For the cordless bevelling tool that is operated with an 18 volt battery pack, all Li-Power and LiHD 18 volt battery packs from Metabo can be used. You can now also use corresponding battery packs of other leading brands of the CAS partners. CAS "Cordless Alliance System“, the world's most efficient battery pack system on the market. Discover the new dimension of the CAS battery pack system: