Front handle WS (623262000)

  • Front handle with ideal ergonomics, e.g. for surface grinding with fibre discs, light polishing work with diamond cup wheels etc.
  • Cordless angle grinders: Suitable for W.. 18 LTX BL 15-.. Quick ..
  • Mains-powered angle grinder: Suitable for W.. 9-.., WE.. 10-125 .., W.. 11-.., W.. 12-.., W.. 13-.., WE.. 15-.., WE.. 17-.., WE.. 19-.., except WEF 9-125 Quick, WEPF 9-125 Quick, WP 1200-125 RT, WEV 1500-125 RT, WE 1500-125 RT, WE 1500-150 RT, WEP 1500-150 RT
  • Suitable for W..9-1..; WEV 10-125; W..12-1..; WE15-1..; WE..17-1..; W..8-1..; WE9-125; W..11-1..; WEQ 1400-125; WE14-1..
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