Dust protection filter angle grinder standard (630709000)

  • Filter against coarse particles or chips for longer service life of the machine when working e.g. with ceramic fibre, grinding or cutting discs or polishing with lambswool
  • Easy and fast cleaning thanks to exterior metal grid without disturbing connecting ribs
  • Tool-free assembly and disassembly
  • Mains-powered angle grinder: Suitable for W 12-.., WA 12-.., WBA 12-.., W 13-.., WA 13-.., WE 15-.., WEA 15-.., WEV 15-.., WEVA 15-.., WEF 15-.., WE 17-.., WEV 17-.., WEA 17-.., WEBA 17-.., WE 19-.., WEV 19-..
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