New ''Drop Secure'' Tool Tethering Accessories for both corded and cordless power tools

Nürtingen, April 2021

Metabo continues their dedication to improving employee health and safety on the jobsite


Nürtingen, April 2021: The safety of man and machine is Metabo's top priority. Because the solutions from the Nürtingen-based power tool manufacturer ensure safe working in every area. Now Metabo is expanding its existing tool safety programme to include an anchoring strap and a safety system for battery packs: the power tool manufacturer is launching three new battery packs with a safety strap. In addition, the Metabo tool securing straps have been equipped with an extra loop to secure the battery pack. Part of the battery securing system is also a new securing connection with which the battery pack is attached to the extra loop of the tool securing strap. "Working high up on scaffolding or roofs has its dangers: Tools can fall down and cause damage. This also applies to battery packs," explains Metabo Product Manager Alexandra Haas. "So that users can secure the machine and battery pack in future, we have developed a system for securing the battery. This is how we are consistently continuing our safety offensive." The three new LiHD 18-volt battery packs with safety clip are available as 4.0 Ah, 5.5 Ah and 10.0 Ah battery packs.

Safety for man, machine and battery pack
To secure the battery pack and machine, the user first selects one of the three Metabo tool securing straps: For machines weighing up to five kilograms, there is the safety belt with carabiner and loop - or as a "Quick Connect" variant with carabiners at both ends for power tools with an eyelet. For machines weighing up to 20 kilograms, the tool safety belt is equipped with an aluminium carabiner and a robust, so-called twist-lock opening that prevents unintentional opening - because to open the carabiner, the rotating sleeve must first be turned 90 degrees before the catch can be slid open.

All three tool safety straps have a new extra loop to which the battery pack can be attached. For this, the user also needs the Metabo battery securing connection, which is available in lengths of 30 or 60 centimetres - depending on the machine size. The battery safety connection consists of a carabiner and loop: the loop is pulled through the safety clip on the battery pack and the carabiner is attached to the extra loop of the tool safety strap. And the battery pack and machine are already secured.

If there is no suitable attachment point for the carabiner of a tool safety strap, for example because the scaffold is too wide, the new anchoring strap provides a remedy: it can be flexibly looped around the scaffold. The carabiner of the tool safety belt is then hooked into the eyelet at the end of the safety belt.

Safe all round
The safety belts and the new anchoring belt are certified according to the standards of the American International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA). "With the straps, we can secure almost any power tool. And thanks to our new battery securing system, now also battery packs. Users, machines and battery packs are protected all around with our solutions," Haas sums up.


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