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Powerful like a mains-powered industrial vacuum cleaner

thanks to powerful, energy-efficient Brushless motor and LiHD high-performance battery packs either with 2x 18 V or 1x 36 V

Longer battery pack runtimes

thanks to variable suction power – adjustable depending on the application

Semi-automatic filter cleaning

during breaks or manually when needed (SelfClean)

Many details for safety and comfort

folding hose hook, rubberised storage surfaces and castors with brakes for safe stand

Ideal also for wet vacuuming thanks to water sensor and acoustic warning device.

The cordless vacuum cleaner starts/stops automatically when switching on/off the cordless tool connected to the hose.

Long period of use

More than 100 minutes runtime

per battery pack 2x LiHD 10.0 Ah

The protection of your health is important to us

With our M-vacuum cleaners the dusts extracted during sanding, sawing or routing end up directly in the vacuum cleaner instead of your lungs, thanks to a filter separation efficiency of up to 99.9%. This also keeps your work environment clean.

M-vacuum cleaners are suitable for:

  • Dust with AGW values ≥ 0.1 mg/m3
  • Dust of medium hazard e.g. wood dusts (beech / oak)
  • Mineral dust class M e.g. quartz dust


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