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Flat-head angle grinders

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Flat-head angle grinders

Ultra-powerful problem solver for narrow angles: down to 39°. the new Metabo flat-head angle grinders.

Continue where others stop: Metabo is the first manufacturer worldwide to develop a flat-head angle grinder, which masters grinding tasks in narrow angles in a fast and safe manner. With its ultra-flat heat, the innovative machine permits working in acute angles down to 39 degrees. Mainly professionals in metal and railing construction, in locksmith's workshops or in plant engineering and ship construction benefit from this. Improvised stopgap solutions are a thing of the past. With the flat-head angle grinder you work in narrow angles completely independent from the power supply in a fast, productive and safe manner.

The flat-head angle grinder is powerful, safe and comfortable.

Now you don't need to use the die grinder or the comparatively expensive carbide cutters or even other non-standard methods to smoothen short weld seams in angles: with the flat head angle grinders you progress significantly faster and also achieve a visible cleaner finish. Whilst previously the wire brush was the only solution to remove rust, weld slug and old lacquer in angles of frame constructions, the flat head angle grinder offers a much more efficient solution here. With the cordless flat head angle grinder you save more than only time and energy when purging and cleaning of root seams or when cutting pipes at hard to reach spots: compressed air chisel or completely unreliable improvisations are a thing of the past.

Practical and with a large disc selection: the Metabo flat-head angle grinder

Typical for Metabo, the flat head angle grinder offers many practical extras: the guard can be adjusted without tools, fixed twist-proof and removed for cleaning without having to remove the disc. The grinding discs can also be replaced easily and without additional key thanks to the Quick system. Overload and restart protection also guarantee maximum safety for the user and machine. Moreover, Metabo offers accessories that have been developed especially for working in narrow angles and U-profiles. Long working is no problem thanks to the 5.2 Ah battery packs, which come as standard with the cordless flat head angle grinders.

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