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Battery pack systems

Battery pack systems


A decision for the future: The Metabo battery pack system

The correct choice of the battery pack system is a decision with long-term effect. The battery pack systems of different manufacturers are not compatible with each other. and who does not want to carry around an entire collection of battery packs and chargers, should rather decide for a uniform battery pack system right from the beginning. Therefore, so many professionals with high and very high demands for their tools trust in Metabo. We produce any relevant power tool, where it is technically sensible and feasible, also as cordless variant - powerful, innovative and in top quality.

Our vision - your ultimate independence thanks to innovative battery pack system

As leader in battery pack technology, Metabo consequently follows the vision of a cordless construction site to make you even more independent and mobile in your work. When deciding for our cordless interface, you are ideally equipped for the challenges of the future. With our innovations we are continuously setting new standards in the battery pack area. This translates for you into maximum freedom when drilling, screwdriving, chiselling, sawing, grinding and cutting.

They ensure limitless compatibility: The Metabo cordless systems

With our 100% compatibility within the battery pack system, you are always on the safe side - today and in the future! Since 2009, all Metabo battery packs, machines and chargers in a volt class can be flexibly combined with each other. This is possible by our powerful Metabo Ultra-M technology. It stands for the optimal coordination and perfect communication between machine, battery pack and charger. Like this, battery packs are charged in an efficient and gentle manner and are quickly ready to be used again thanks to patented AIR COOLED technology. When working, the energy is optimally used. At the same time our battery packs are particularly durable: A fully charged 5.2 Ampere hour battery pack serves more than an entire working day for many applications.

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