Laser measurement technology

Perfection in the construction trade.

The first step for perfect interior development are accurate measurements. Laser measuring devices make work procedures easier, permit a precise transmission of measured values and increase your productivity thanks to enormous savings in time and costs. Metabo offers you highly accurate, compact and robust laser measuring devices - the ideal helpers for use on construction sites.

Laser Distance Meter up to 60 m

For accurate and reliable measurements both indoors and outdoors – at the touch of a button: quick and easy operation. With 8 functions: length, area, volume, Pythagoras 1 and 2, continuous measurement, minimum and maximum tracking.

360 ° Multi-line laser

The all-round talent for interior development: 360° horizontal line for marking, aligning and levelling in the entire room. The vertical lines can be positioned accurately thanks to the manual fine adjustment.

Cross Line plus Plumb Points Laser up to 20 m

Ideal for horizontal and vertical alignments. Quick and precise plumbing / marking. For working directly on the laser lines. Flexible application thanks to different fixture options.

5-Point Laser up to 30 m

Whether accurate transmission of 90° angles for layout work, determination of markings in drywall construction or fast and accurate alignment. The compact 5-point laser is the ideal helper for interior development applications.

More about the 5-point laser

90° Floor Line Laser up to 15 m

The problem solver for the floorer. The compact and functional design permits quick and clean working when laying tiles, laminate and parquet. At the touch of a button, straight laser lines are projected in an accurate 90° angle.

More about the 90° Floor Line Laser

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