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Sabre Saws

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Sabre saws


The sabre saws from Metabo: robust, safe and powerful

The sabre saw from Metabo is extremely versatile and ideal for quick cuts. It reliably cuts wood, plastic or metal pipes. The adjustable depth guide protects cables and lines behind the wall in case of installation work.

With the SSEP 1400 MVT sabre saw and the smaller model SSE 1100, Metabo offers you two particularly robust and powerful sabre saws. Within the SSEP 1400, the powerful 1,400 Watt motor with constant speed delivery provides maximum performance even for demanding applications, whilst guaranteeing fast and powerful cuts in wood, aluminium, steel, stone, insulation, plastic and many other materials. For optimum cutting power in any material, you can set the stroke and add a three-level pendulum stroke for even faster cutting performance. The gearing of the sabre saw is particularly robust and protected against dust and moisture and combined with the integral Metabo Vibra Tech balancing system it reduces vibrations to an absolute minimum. This protects the user especially during prolonged use and simultaneously increases the cutting output as the saw blade engages with the material more effectively. The speed switch with locking function helps the user to deliver intricate control of the machine and a smooth start-up process when commencing the job.

Mobile, precise and efficient - the Metabo cordless sabre saw

With the cordless sabre saws such as the powerful ASE 18 LTX with 18 volt and its small brother the PowerMaxx ASE with 10.8 volt, Metabo offers the ideal solutions for mobile sawing. The compact PowerMaxx ASE is the first cordless sabre saw in its class with tool-free adjustable depth guide. Like this you cannot only efficiencly use the entire length of the saw blade, but also saw precisely in less deep workpieces, without damaging any pipes lying behind.

Metabo offers you the right saw blade for any material for your sabre saw

Since every sabre saw is only as good as its blade, Metabo offers one of the widest ranges for sabre saw blades on the market - in different lengths and packaging sizes, the range stretches from standard blades for metal, wood and multi materials to special blades for the cutting of stainless steel, insulation material, aerated concrete and plasterboard. This helps you to consider the different costs for custom-made sawing blades for specific applications and also universal solutions for your sabre saw.

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