Cordless Hammers

Cordless Hammers

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KHA 18 LTX BL 24 Quick Set ISA with integrated dust extraction

For dust-free working

With integrated dust extraction for

  • Dust-free drilling in concrete, stone and masonry
  • Healthier working with HEPA filter for smallest dust particles 
  • Working overhead or in areas susceptible to dust 

Compact, light, powerful

  • Compact and weight-optimised design
  • 2.2 Joule
  • Brushless technology for highest efficiency and long service life
  • Per battery pack charge: LiHD 3,5 Ah: LiHD 3.5 Ah: 120 boreholes in concrete (Ø 6 mm / depth 4 cm)



Cordless hammers

Mobile hammer drilling, drilling and chiselling - with the cordless hammers from Metabo

With the robust and powerful cordless hammers from Metabo you can efficiently carry out hammer drilling and drilling jobs even far away from the power supply. Our cordless combination hammers make working easy. All our cordless hammers can match the performance of their mains-powered counterparts without any problems thanks to sophisticated battery pack technology. The assortment ranges from the compact 18 volt machine to the particularly powerful cordless combination hammer with 36 volt.

The perfect combination of light weight and power pack: the Metabo cordless hammers

The KHA 18 LTX with its barely three kilos of weight is a real light weight with enormous power: With its single blow energy of 2.2 joule (according to EPTA), the cordless combination hammer delivers the best relation from single blow energy to weight on the market of the 18 volt hammers. Thanks to lightness and mobility, the machine is particularly suited for drilling dowel holes in concrete, stone and masonry - and achieves this the best drill progress in its class. The maximum drill diameter of 24 mm makes the KHA 18 LTX the ideal tool also for demanding drill applications. Using the integrated chisel function, you can also carry out light chiselling work, such as the removal of tiles. The big brother KHA 36 LTX is a real power pack and particularly suited, when it comes to very demanding drilling and chiselling jobs. With its maximum single blow energy of 3.1 joule, he quickly and powerfully drills holes up to 32 mm diameter in concrete. Thanks to the Quick system, you can quickly and easily change between different SDS plus drills, chisels and adapters for cylindrical wood or metal drill bits. The integrated anti-vibration system Metabo Vibra Tech protects the joints of the user thanks to a bolt with foam inlay, an elastic decoupled handle and a supplied side handle. With both cordless hammers, the Metabo S-automatic safety clutch also ensures safe operation and immediately decouples the machine mechanically as soon as the drill jams.

Unique battery pack performance for our cordless hammers

By virtue of their powerful 4.0 and 5.2 Ah battery packs, the cordless combination hammers from Metabo combine the advantages of mobile machines with the power for mains-powered hammers. Metabo grants a three year warranty on the battery packs. Matching the machines, there is an extensive range of accessories of drill bits, chisel bits, core bits and adapters.

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