New battery pack from Metabo with longer runtime with maximum compact design

Nürtingen, October 2020

18 volt, 10 ampere-hours: New battery pack from Metabo with longer runtime with maximum compact design

  • Best interplay of performance, runtime and ergonomics
  • 25 percent longer runtime with two-row design
  • Ideal for continuous applications


Nürtingen, October 2020: When developing battery packs, one thing is decisive: Best possible performance with possibly small design. "We managed to achieve the best interplay between performance, runtime and compactness with our new battery pack . “, says Jörg Stoschus, manager of the battery pack competence centre at Metabo. The new 18 volt battery pack from Nürtingen with a capacity of 10.0 ampere-hours (Ah) is currently the world`s most powerful two-row battery pack in the power tool industry, and thus also the most compact one. It supplements the LiHD high-performance packs from Metabo by a fourth variant.


Mobile high performance

Battery pack cells are continuously developed. The Nürtingen power tool manufacturer works together with highly qualified cell suppliers, says Stoschus. "Obviously, battery packs should render the highest power possible. However, one things is always of utmost importance to us: The battery packs should remain handy and compact", says Stoschus. Comfort and runtime are decisive when working far away from a power outlet. "Professionals use cordless tools, since they offer freedom and mobility, and we would like to maintain these in the development of our packs."


Still a two-row design despite higher runtime

The design of the battery packs thus is decisive. Battery pack cells are usually built in single, two or three rows on top of each other. "In our 4.0 Ah battery pack, for example, the flat pack, the battery pack cells are built in a row. With its low weight and the compact design, it is suited especially for cordless screwdrivers. Our 5.5 Ah and 8.0 Ah battery packs have two rows and thus a longer runtime", says Stoschus. "With our new 10.0 Ah battery pack we managed to still build the battery pack with two rows despite a longer runtime. Therefore, it remains as compact as the 5.5 and 8.0 Ah battery pack, however it lasts on average 25 percent longer."

The best for high endurance

Which battery pack is the best? "The question should rather be: Which battery pack is the best for my application?", says Stoschus. The new 10.0 Ah battery pack shows its potential mainly for all standard long-term applications. For example when chiselling with a cordless combination hammer or when vacuum cleaning. Like for all Metabo LiHD battery packs, the remaining runtime is shown by a well visible capacity display at the front of the battery pack. Thanks to the encompassing cast and protective paint, the electronics are optimally secured and sealed against dirt. The outside rubber ensures a safe and non-slip stand and also serves as impact protection. The Metabo "AirCooled" technology continuously cools the cells during the charging process. "As always, the following applies to our battery packs: The are 100 percent compatible with all Metabo tools and chargers, and also with the machines of our CAS partners", says Stoschus. The Metabo 18 volt system currently comprises more than 100 machines, within the cross-manufacturer battery pack system CAS (Cordless Alliance System) more than 160 machines and devices of currently 17 manufacturers are compatible and can be combined at will with one battery pack.


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