• Nylon web sanding sleeves

Nylon web sanding sleeves

2 Nylon web abrasive sleeves 90 x 100 mm, medium (623495000)
Fleece sanding sleeves
  • For removing scratches and oxide layers, tarnishing, satin-finish, deburring and fine grinding
  • Only in combination with the expansion roller
  • Maximum speed: 6,400 /min; recommended speed: 3,200 /min
Diameter Width Version Sales unit Order no.
90 mm 100 mm medium 2 623495000
90 mm 100 mm fine 2 623496000
90 mm 100 mm Coarse 2 623519000
Corrugated Fleece Sanding/Grinding Wheel (623567000)
Corrugated fleece sanding/grinding wheel
  • For transition-free matt and satin-finishes on stainless steel surfaces and non-ferrous metals
  • For removing minor scratches and for cleaning surfaces
  • Elastic nylon fleece containing grit with a corrugated arrangement on the core
  • Maximum speed: 5,900 /min; recommended speed: 3,000 /min
Diameter Width Grit Sales unit Order no.
100 mm 100 mm P 180 1 623567000
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