Quick charger ASS 15 Plus, 24-25.2 V, "AIR COOLED", EU (627283000)

  • For charging Metabo NiCd battery packs of 24-25.2 V, as well as Li-ion battery packs of 24-25.2 V (Cordless combination hammers KHA 24, cordless magnetic core drills MAG 28 LTX 32)
  • "AIR COOLED" function
  • "Refresh" function for maintenance of batteries for NiCd battery packs
  • Charging current 5 A
  • "Refresh" function: with NiCd battery packs, the natural self-discharge can result in the cells in the battery pack having different charging levels. This means that the full battery pack capacity is no longer available for the application. If you notice such an effect, you can restore the full battery back capacity in the "Refresh" mode
The machine shown may differ in equipment and technical details depending on the configuration.
Kindly pay attention to delivery scope and product description.
Accessories included only if listed in the delivery scope.
Battery voltage
24 - 25.2 V
Mains voltage
220 - 240 V
Mains frequency
50 - 60 Hz
850 g / 30 oz