• CordlessControl


Order no.
Start/Stop set CordlessControl, type I (630235000)
  • When starting upshutting down the cordless tool, the connected mains-powered vacuum cleaner starts/stops automatically
  • Compatible with standard cordless, mains-powered tools and vacuum cleaners available on the market
  • Manual starting of the vacuum cleaner is also possible with the remote button at the coupling bush of the hose
  • "Vibration detection" function at the transmitter permits automatic start-up/shut-down of the vacuum cleaner by detecting vibrations
  • If the vibrations are too low, the transmitter can be connected directly to to the extracting tool using the multi tape
  • Multi tape to fix the transmitter to all standard hose diameters
  • Start/stop cordless control replaces the function of the integrated power socket for a mains-powered tool

Radio frequency: 2402 - 2445 Mhz
Mains voltage: 220 - 240 V
Power supply transmitter: CR2032
Signal strength: - 6 dBm
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