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Efficient processing of stainless steel with Metabo power tools

Whether in container construction, as facade area or railings: Only few materials find such varied use like stainless steel and require at the same time so much craftsmanship. When smoothing weld seams, removing tarnishing, processing of surfaces or edges and high-gloss polishing, highest precision and machines perfectly adapted to the material are very important.

The right tool from Metabo for any application

For stainless steel surface processing there is no universal tool, since surfaces, pipes, profiles corners and edges have different demands for the power tools. Therefore, Metabo offers the right tool for any task with a wide Inox range and also perfectly matched accessories - from Inox angle grinders to fillet weld grinder, burnishing machines and tube belt sander to band files and angle polisher. Using the Metabo power tools for stainless steel processing you will carry out any task at the hightest level from rough grinding to satin-finish and mirror polishing.

The Metabo Inox specialists with and without cable

The adjustable, low speeds and the high torques of the Metabo Inox tools prevent overheating and blue discolouration of the stainless steel - at the same time the machines deliver even under maximum load constant speeds and thus perfect results. Thanks to the high torque you can work with these machines in a particularly powerful and fast manner. The complete stainless steel programme from Metabo is equipped with motors capable to handle extreme overloads - like this you can always rely on your machine. Be it in the workshop or without direct power supply on the construction site. Metabo is the only manufacturer worldwide to offer all Inox machines also as cordless versions. For perfect results far away from the power outlet - any time. To make you mobile when processing stainless steel, Metabo offers you the widest range of cordless Inox tools on the market: the cordless angle grinder Inox, cordless fillet weld grinder, cordless burnishing machine, cordless tube belt sander and the cordless band file. They are part of the large 18 volt class from metabo and can be operated with any Li-Power or LiHD battery pack and charged with any matching charger. Metabo relies on 100% compatibility within the voltage class. Even the battery packs of other leading brands of the CAS partners can be used. CAS stands for "Cordless Alliance System", the world's most efficient battery pack system on the market. Discover now at www.cordless-alliance-system.com

Perfect work results with the right accessories

Special attention has to be paid to the accessories used for the most demanding material, stainless steel. Metabo has an extensive range of accessories matched especially to the processing of stainless steel. Fleece sanding pad and flap disc for the Inox angle grinders, sanding belts in different versions and grits for the tube belt sanders and band files, grinding wheels and rollers for the burnishing machine and many other accessories for processing stainless steel get the best out of the Inox machines and ensure shiny results when working.

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