Our principles


The principles of our corporate culture reflect our values.
They are the basis for our cooperation and our understanding of management in the company, as for the relationships with our customer.



Our actions are characterised by respect, transparency and appreciation.

"We work in and on a climate of clarity, respect and openness. [...] Every Metabo employee can count on being supported by colleagues inside and outside their team at all times and in all places. We listen to each other, respect and encourage different opinions and are able to discuss openly. [...] We live attitude and show our colours."


"We are aware of the responsibility that we need to help our customers with our products to earn their keep. […] Every day they keep on facing new challenges. We must know these challenges well and face them in order to develop and manufacture products and systems for our customer, thus making their work easier."


"We at Metabo strongly believe that listening is an expression of mutual appreciation. Listening lays the foundation for an open and trusting cooperation and respectful dealing with the requirements of our customers. It is an integral part of our culture, requires active involvement and creates the basis for constant and sustainable corporate success."


Our corporate values


is maybe the most important value at Metabo. An indication: Out of all values it appears most often in the mission statement.
Especially in the chapter on customer relations where at the end it says


"Our customers trust Metabo. They know why."


Make courageous decisions means for us: visibly assume a position - as Metabo person and with the Metabo products.



To work passionately on something means to really enjoy doing it and to do it with full commitment. With a kind of contagious enthusiasm. Many of our colleagues even say of themselves 'I have green blood' - a phrase based on a central formulation from the mission statement:


"A heart beats in every Metabo product!"


is not an end in itself, but necessary since the world around us simply changes so quickly. We want to remain agile, be able to change where it makes sense and be consistent where it is possible. Everything has to be constantly questioned. Some of us say:


"We were already agile before it turned cool".

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