New compact all-purpose vaccum cleaners for wet and dry applications

In dust classes L, M and H, for any application.

The 1,200 Watt wet/dry all-purpose vacuum cleaners have many clever details for easy transport, a manual filter cleaning and new "Quick" accessories for fast change of the suction attachments with only one click.



Which All-purpose Vacuum Cleaner for which application?

All-purpose vacuum cleaner

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Clean and healthy, for any application.

With mains-powered vacuum cleaners for all dust classes, Metabo offers solutions that provide optimal protection to the user. For any application.


Dust class L

- Filter separation efficiency
of 99 %
- Dust with AGW values
≥ 1 mg/m3
- Slightly hazardous dusts, e.g. domestic dust, chalk

Dust class M

- Filter separation efficiency
of 99.9 %
- Dust with AGW values
≥ 0.1 mg/m3
- Dust of medium hazard e.g. wood dusts (beech / oak)
- Mineral dust class M e.g. quartz dust

Dust class H

- Filter separation efficiency
of 99.995 %
- Dust with AGW values
< 0.1 mg/m3
- Carcinogenic dust
e.g. mould


Start/Stop set CordlessControl

Extraction with start/stop automatic mechanism


Mains-powered vacuum cleaners no longer have to be switched on/off separately when using cordless tools. The start/stop CordlessControl set takes care of this. The vacuum cleaner is automatically switched on/off by detecting vibrations.



The new "Quick" accessories

  • Easy and comfortable changing of attachments with one click
  • No loosening while working
  • Firm connection thanks to the klick mechanism
  • Fasat adaption to the extraction application
  • Practical hose extension for even mobility.

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