• Arbors/ pilot drills

Arbors/ pilot drills

SDS-Plus arbor, 220 mm, for carbide drill hammer bits (627042000)
Arbors with M16 male thread
  • In a set with hex srew for locking the pilot drill 627040000
  • For impact operation with light drill hammer bits.
  • Also suitable for use with "Pionier" universal hole saws
Shaft type Overall length Order no.
SDS-plus 220 mm 627042000
Order no.
Connector SDS-max/ ratio (623370000)
  • Connector with ratio female thread and SDS-max shank end, length 195 mm, for the arbor 623299000 of concrete core bits and for mounting core bits with the help of the pilot drill 623038000

Holder: SDS-max / ratio female thread
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