• Accessories for dust extraction

Accessories for dust extraction

Extraction nozzles
Order no.
Extraction nozzle for DSE 300/ DSE 300 Intec (624994000)
  • For external extraction for the DSE 300/ DSE 300 Intec and the DSE 280 Intec

Dust Filters for dust collector cartridge
Order no.
10 Dust filters for DSE 300 Intec (624995000)
  • For the dust collector cartridge 624993000 of the DSE 300 Intec and the DSE 280 Intec

Order no.
Adapter Ø 30/35 mm (624996000)
  • For connecting the suction hose with connector Ø 35 mm to an extraction nozzle Ø 30 mm

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