• Flexiamant super convex ceramic

Flexiamant super convex ceramic

Flap disc 125 mm P 60 FS-CER, Con (626460000)
Quality class ceramic "Flexiamant Super Convex"
  • Specially shaped flap disc with lamellae that are rounded off towards the outer edges.
  • Thanks to the special design it is particularly suited for processing fillet welds; making faster and more efficient processing possible; also suitable for surface grinding
  • Very high material removal with very high tool life thanks to the use of ceramic grain.
  • Cool cut for materials with poor thermal conduction
  • For grinding of steel and stainless steel. Ideal for extreme grinding jobs like processing high-alloy steels, titanium alloys, nickel-based alloys as well as chromium and chromium-nickel steels, brass and bronze thanks to high load capacity.
  • Uniform grinding result, comfortable grinding with only low vibration
  • Maximum working speed 80 m/s
Diameter x bore Grit Version Maximum speed Sales unit / packaging unit Order no.
125 x 22.23 mm P 60 offset 12200 rpm 1 / 10 626460000
125 x 22.23 mm P 80 offset 12200 rpm 1 / 10 626461000
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