• Flexiamant zirconia alumina

Flexiamant zirconia alumina

Flap disc 115 mm P 40, F-ZK (624241000)
Quality class zirconia alumina "Flexiamant"
  • Suitable for rough and intermediate grinding in all fields of metalworking including stainless steel, steel, cast iron, and sheet steel
  • High lamellar lining on fibreglass pad
  • Uniform grinding capacity
  • Cool grinding
  • Low noise level
  • Uniform grinding result, comfortable grinding with only low vibration
  • Most suitable for processing stainless steels
  • Maximum working speed 80 m/s; tilted version: angle of attack 7-9°
Diameter x bore Grit Version Maximum speed Sales unit / packaging unit Order no.
115 x 22.23 mm P 40 sloping 13300 rpm 1 / 10 624241000
125 x 22.23 mm P 40 sloping 12200 rpm 1 / 10 624275000
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