Other accessories for circular saws

Accessories for guide rails
Order no.
2 Tensioning clamps FSZ (631031000)
  • For safe fixing of guide rails from Metabo and other manufacturers
  • 120 mm clamping height

Connector for guide rail 631213000 (631211000)
  • For the trouble-free joining together of two precision guide rails
  • Only usable with guide rail 631213000

Guide plate (KSA 18 LTX; KSAP 18; KS 54; KS 54 SP) for guide rails (631019000)
  • For use with the circular saws KSA 18 LTX, KSAP 18, KS 54 and KS 54 SP on the guide rail
  • Complete guide plate with 2 mounted aluminium threaded bushes for the circular saws

Adapter (KS 66; KSE 68 Plus) for 6.31213 guide rail (631020000)
  • For use with the KS 66 and KSE 68 Plus circular saws (old; order no. 600543) on the guide rail

Guide rail 31213
Order no.
Guide rail 1500 mm (631213000)
  • Guide rail made of sturdy, anodised aluminium extrusion
  • Anti-slip backing provides safe and reliable support and protects the work piece surface against scratches
  • Guide rule, adjustable to eliminate play
  • suitable for: Metabo jigsaws, circular saws and router models OFE 738 and Of E 1229 Signal (when using the appropriate accessories; KS 55 FS, KSE 55 Vario Plus, KS 66 Plus, KSE 68 Plus can be used directly); also suitable for the CED 125 Plus cutting guard in connection with an angle grinder

Overall length: 1500 mm
Suction hoses
Order no.
Suction hose Ø 27mm, L: 3.5 m,C: 58mm/bay. (631938000)
  • Flexible and easy extension: extraction hose can be connected to a second one without additional connector
  • Rubber connector (internal Ø 30 mm, outside Ø 35 mm)

Hose length: 3.5 m
Hose-Ø, internal: 27 mm
Hose-Ø, external: 33 mm
Connection-Ø, external: 27 mm
Anti-static: 0
Conducts electricity: 0
Bayonet connection: 1
Rotating adapter: on the machine side

Lightweight, portable solution for mobile chop cuts directly at the work site.

Create precisely angled cuts from -60° to +60° with new guide rails in 30 cm, 44 cm and 70 cm lengths.
The unique feature of these guide rails is that they are not permanently mounted to a tool. Instead, they can be connected to a variety of circular saws from Metabo.


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