• 10.8 Volt class

10.8 Volt class

10.8 Volt class


Light and versatile: the 10.8 Volt class from Metabo

Performance and endurance in a compact housing: With our light and compact 10.8 Volt machines you are ready to go and perfectly equipped even for working at hard to reach spots. To get high productivity and the maximum performance from the particularly compact machines, we focus on our decades of battery pack competence and our powerful Ultra-M technology even in the 10.8 Volt class. Our 10.8 Volt machines are equipped with Li-Ion battery packs, robust full metal gears and powerful motors - and thus render the required power even in tight conditions. From the cordless screwdriver and the cordless impact wrench to the cordless cartridge gun, the mobile sabre saw or the practical cordless inspection lamps and portable lamps: In relation to their size, our 10.8 Volt solutions do not only deliver excellent performance, but also impressive endurance. We offer all 10.8 Volt battery packs with a capacity of 2.0, 4.0 or particularly 5.2 Ampere hours. With Pick+Mix you can individually choose your personal set from battery packs, mobile power tools, chargers and transport solutions of the 10.8 Volt class.

Three year warranty on our battery packs

Our Ultra-M technology guarantees efficient and gentle charging, optimal energy use and extremely long service life of the battery pack. We grant a three year warranty on all our lithium-ion battery packs.

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