MLL 3-20 (606167000) Multi-line Laser


Order no.: 606167000 EAN: 4007430284594
Laser class:
Laser visibility in indoor areas:
66 ft
Levelling accuracy:
± 0.1875 " over 50 ft
Self-levelling range:
± 4 °
Operating time per battery charge:
10 h
  • 360° horizontal line for marking, alignment and levelling across the entire room
  • Handy, robust device with impact-proof housing and soft grip material
  • Self-levelling thanks to pendulum technology
  • Manual fine adjustment of the 90° angle of the vertical lines while maintaining the plumb point
  • Protection and transport function: Laser in U-frame can be pivoted by 360° to protect the laser optics and pendulum
  • Stable aluminum upper housing to protect the horizontal laser optics
  • Extendible foot for height adjustment, folding for direct placement against U profiles
  • Variable use of the laser: on the floor, mounted on a tripod, fastened to metal with magnet or fixed with metal lugs
  • Rare earth magnet with V-groove for stable placement on metallic objects
  • Energy-saving power controls for each individual laser line
  • LED display advises low energy level in advance
The machine shown may differ in equipment and technical details depending on the configuration.
Kindly pay attention to delivery scope and product description.
Accessories included only if listed in the delivery scope.
Laser class
635 nm
Light output
< 1 mW
Laser visibility in indoor areas
66 ft
Levelling accuracy
± 0.1875 " over 50 ft
Self-levelling range
± 4 °
Line straightness
± 0.125 " over 50 ft
Accuracy 90° angle
± 0.1875 " over 50 ft
Operating time per battery charge
10 h
Protection type IP
IP 54
Weight (with batteries)
2.16 lbs
Laser functions
Line function horizontal / Line function vertical / Right angle (90°) / Plumb line function
Number of lines
Number of points
Tripod thread
  • Target plate
  • Wall bracket
  • Laser goggles
  • 4 Batteries AA 1.5 V (LR6)
  • MetaLoc case
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