More safety for your employees.

The more demanding the job, the more important it is to offer the best possible protection for the user. Metabo's industrial machines meet most all major international safety and regulatory regulations. Additionally they help protect the user from accidents and minimize the effects of dangerous work related fatigue or illness by virtue of innovative, and  patented safety systems.

Helping Keep Your Workplace Safe and Productive

Safety always has, and always will be one of the key drivers for our engineering and design teams. All of our tools are designed with the safety of the user in mind, whether its helping to reduce the risk of kickback or a hammer from


Machine switches off immediately when the switch is released, using the Protect Safety Switch (deadman switch), and restart protection in case of power


  • 50% less hand-arm vibration

  • Increases tool service life

  • Doubles the life of grinding discs

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Patented Metabo disc brake

  • Fastest brake system for highest user protection (2 sec.) 

  • The only braking system to be 100% effective even in the event of power failure

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Metabo S-automatic safety clutch

  • No kickback when the disc jams
  • You can continue to work immediately after the disc jams

  • Unique from Metabo since 1966

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  • Restart protection:
    Reduced risk of accidents after a power outage or after accidentally pulling out the power cord. If the electricity supply is interrupted and then reconnected, the angle grinder must be purposefully turned off and on, in order to prevent an accidental restart.

  • Variable speed to suit any application

  • Constant speed under load for quick work progress

  • Soft start:
    Protects from accidents during starting. The reduced kickback when you switch on the angle grinder means you always keep a firm grip on the tool.

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Ventilation system

  • Ventilation purposely located away from the hand contact areas

  • Maximum protection of the motor from overheating and overload

Metabo Quick tool change

without key: quick, convenient, and safe.

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Reliable safety solutions

  • Highest work safety
    thanks to switchable permanent magnets with high holding power that is independent of the power supply.

  • Safety strap
    secures the machine from falling - for use on vertical and steep surfaces.

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