Ultra-M Technology

Advancement through innovation: the Metabo Ultra-M technology

The secret behind Metabo's Ultra-M Technology is the high level of communication that takes place between the tool, the battery pack and the charger. This communication helps assure the battery does not over or under charge, or over draw itself.  It also monitors and maintains an optimum energy usages resulting in a longer service life for all components.


  • Optimum motor technology for any application

  • Intelligent battery management - for maximum performance and service life

  • Electronic Single Cell Protection (ESCP) - for extremely long battery pack service life

  • Patented »AIR COOLED« charging technology – for faster charging and longer service life

  • Secure investment in a compatible, sustainable battery pack system

»AIR COOLED« – resume work much faster

Quick Charger ASC Ultra

The ASC Ultra significantly reduces charge time for your battery pack - an empty 18V/5.2 Ah battery pack can be ready for use again in just 45 minutes. The patented "AIR COOLED" charging technology cools the battery pack in the charger with air - for shorter charge times and longer service life.

Always the right charger
The model is compatible with all slide-fit battery packs from 14.4 V - 36 V. Charge times are dependent on the capacity of the battery pack.

Charging times:
3.0 AH: 27 min
4.0 AH: 35 min
5.2 AH: 45 min

LiHD - 67 % more power

Our new LiHD battery technology is another quantum leap on your path to independence from the outlet. Our battery packs are fully reconceptualized, with high-performance cells delivering up to 67 percent more power and facilitating totally new applications.

75 % more run time

Our unique 5.2 Ah battery packs offer 75% more endurance than 3.0 Ah battery packs. That's enough power for more than one day's work! In addition, the 5.2 Ah battery pack isn't a gram heavier or a millimeter larger. More endurance with the same comfort.

Insensitive to cold and heat
The fully charged battery packs delivers 100% power from -15° to +50° Celsius. You can do your job at any temperature.

3 year battery pack warranty

Metabo Ultra-M technology ensures perfect interaction between machine, battery pack, and charger.

more efficient and gentle charging, optimal energy use, and extremely long service life.

Unique Ultra-M technology allows us to offer you a 3-year battery pack guarantee.

With or without carbon brushes: The ideal motor for any application

Developed on the basis of Metabo Ultra-M technology, robust motors from Metabo offer a long service life and an unmatched level of reliability.

Metabo 4 P-Motor:
extremely powerful, high overload capacity - for the hardest screwing and drilling applications.

Metabo Brushless Motor:
perfect combination of precision, speed and power. For a wide range of applications.

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