LiHD battery pack technology

LiHD – a completely new dimension in technology:
The combination of new high-performance battery cells and completely redeveloped components in the pack ensure that the maximum power remains available for an extremely long period of time: Metabo has perfected this revolutionary battery pack technology to its pinnacle.

Revolutinary LiHD high-performance cells: fully redesigned electromechanical construction and significantly reinforced conductors combine with more active materials to facilitate a

  • significant increase in the accessible power output

  • resulting in more usable energy for you

Solid, high-voltage capable busbars, larger contacts, and cell connectors made of a specialized copper alloy conduct electricity with less loss.

87% more run time – for even more endurance

Increased run time thanks to:

  • an increase in active cell material

  • high-quality materials (silver and copper) in combination with reinforced conductors - facilitating more efficient energy flow

100 % longer service life – making your investment even more secure

Increased service life thanks to:

  • less frequent charging due to more usable energy

  • significantly less generation of heat protects the cells

Proven solutions

  • AIR COOLED charging technology for shorter charging times

  • Electronic Single Cell Protection for longer service life

  • Capacity display for monitoring charge level



100% compatibility with all current and future cordless machines from Metabo

Download LiHD-technology

Here you can download the Metabo LiHD-brochure (4MB).

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