Screw-type angle attachment 57 Nm with bit assortment (630464000)

  • Screw-type angle attachment for professional use.
  • Suitable for cordless screwdrivers up to a maximum of 57 Nm and a maximum of 2,000 rpm
  • Width across corners only 50 mm
  • Bit holder with quick-action coupling
  • With 1/4" (6.35 mm) hexagonal shank
  • Gears made of special steel
  • Suitable for forward and reverse rotation
  • Support handle adjustable to 12 positions with lockable push-button
  • Screw-type angle attachment with 105° inclination
  • For inserting screws more easily into places difficult to reach
  • Consisting of screw-type angle attachment 6.30463 and 32 piece bit assortment in a practical, sturdy plastic carry case with large viewing panel and additional accessory case
  • Bit assortment consisting of:
  • 1x Stainless steel bit holder extension, 150 mm
  • 1x Phillips size 0, 2x Phillips size 1, 4x Phillips size 2, 1x Phillips size 3
  • 1x Pozidriv size 0, 2x Pozidriv size 1, 4x Pozidriv size 2, 1x Pozidriv size 3
  • 1 x SL 3.0, 1 x SL 5.0, 1 x SL 6.0
  • 1x Torx TX 10, 1x Torx TX 15, 3x Torx TX 20, 3x Torx TX 25, 1x Torx TX 30, 1x Torx TX 40
  • 1x Connector for socket spanner
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