Domestic Water Systems

  • Drive type
  • Mains voltage
  • Maximum delivery height
  • Maximum delivery rate
  • Maximum suction height
  • Pump housing
  • Rated input power
  • Tank capacity, approximately
  • Technical features
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Domestic Water Systems


The domestic water works from Metabo: High performance and long service life

The domestic water works from Metabo are ideally suited for the automatic water supply of washing machines, dishwashers and toilet flushing systems, for garden irrigation and groundwater pumping. The domestic water is ideal for pumping, pumping dry and circulation of clear water. The domestic water work is equipped against heat and old: The thermal motor protection ensures that the maintenance-free capacitor motor does not overheat, the water drain plug protects from frost. Metabo's domestic water work has a particularly long service life thanks to the high-quality slip seal systems.

Pump up to 9,000 litres per hour to up to 55 metres height with the domestic water works from Metabo

With 3,300 to 9,000 litres delivery rate per hour you can automatically supply your household with water up to 45 or 55 metres of height - depending on the domestic water work model. The manometer and pressure switch are integrated in a space saving manner and stored safely in a box at the flange in all domestic water works. Except for the domestic water work HWW 6000/50 Inox with its 50 litre steel tank, the HWW 900/100 G with 100 litres and the HWW 4500/25 Inox Plus, the 24 litre tank of which is made of stainless steel, the new domestic water works all have a 24 litre steel tank. For easy installation and commissioning, Metabo offers with the domestic water work HWWI 3500/25 Inox and the HWWI 4500/25 Inox complete systems, which also have an integrated filter and return valve in the compact device, apart from the pump protection. The washable filter protects the domestic water work from contamination and the return valve prevents the pump from running dry when switched off. It also ensures a short restart time.

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