New cross-cut rails from Metabo



Nürtingen, April 2021: When precise angular cuts in wood are required, the crosscut saw has to be used. But it's not always at hand. With the new KFS cross-cut rail system from Metabo, professionals are now more flexible: This turns the hand-held circular saw into a mobile cross-cut saw very easily and quickly - and thus enables precise cross-cuts at any location. This is a great advantage, especially on construction sites, for example when working on roofs: Where professionals in woodworking previously had to bring the material to a stationary saw, they now have it ready to hand wherever they are and can saw where the material is. The Metabo hand-held circular saws can be easily coupled to the lightweight cross-cut rails with a quick-release fastener to form a portable unit. This allows users to precisely cut workpieces that are already mounted. If the hand-held circular saw is then needed again without the cross-cut rail, the connection can be released just as quickly.

Precise cuts
The guide on the rails ensures clean angular cuts from minus 60 to plus 60 degrees in one-degree cuts. The desired angle can be easily set using an adjustable stop pin. A grid at 15, 22.5, 45 and 60 degrees helps to quickly find the right angle. The integrated return mechanism automatically returns the saw to its starting position after cutting, so professionals can work quickly. The replaceable rubber lip on the edge of the rail prevents tearing on the workpiece surface during sawing.

The KFS crosscut bars are available in lengths of 30, 44 and 70 centimeters and are compatible with Metabo's KS 18 LTX 57, KS 66 FS, KS 85 FS and KS 18 LTX 66 BL circular hand saws. The mobile system pays off especially with the new battery-powered KS 18 LTX 66 BL. The KFS cross-cut rails are available individually or as a set with the Metabo circular hand saws.



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