New 18 V Cordless Plunge Cut Circular Saw from Metabo

Nürtingen, October 2020

High degree of precision, deep cuts: the new 18 volt cordless plunge cut circular saw from Metabo

High degree of precision, deep cuts: the new 18 volt cordless plunge cut circular saw from Metabo

  • Up to 66 mm cutting depth with compact design
  • Powerful and efficient with only one battery pack
  • For precise and clean working


Nürtingen, October 2020: "We are aware of the high requirements of our customers - especially when it comes to plunge cut circular saws, the top tier among circular saws. Therefore we have developed an innovative and powerful saw that meets the high requirements for precision and cleanliness, And it can do even more", says Daniel Grün, Manager Product Management Wood & Compressed Air at Metabo. The new 18 volt cordless plunge cut circular saw KT 18 LTX 66 BL supplements the extensive range of saws of the Nürtingen power tool manufacturer. It is the only cordless plunge cut circular saw on the market with a cutting depth of up to 66 millimetres - and this with the same size like standard 55 millimetre plunge-cut saws.The KT 18 LTX 66 BL is equipped with a Brushless motor of the latest generation, allowing it to make powerful plunge cuts into the material. "The motor and the double reduction high-performance gear make the saw particularly powerful and durable. At the same time, it is compact and requires only one battery pack. With one 8.0 LiHD battery pack it can go through more than 100 metres of 19 millimetre chipboard", explains Grün.


The right setting for any task

Whether recesses in kitchen worktops, when cutting boards in interior development or expansion joints and shadow gaps in parquet floors. The new 18 volt cordless plunge cut circular saw is ideal for professionals in the building trade and renovation, such as carpenters, floorers and drywall constructors. However, it is also very well suited for booth builders and shopfitters. The variable speed of the KT 18 LTX 66 BL can be quickly set via a thumbwheel. Like this it can be used for different materials. The newly designed accessory programme from Metabo offers a large selection of saw blades with 165 millimetre diameter. The user can find the position for the saw blade change directly at the scale for the cutting depth. The saw blade can be locked here automatically and thus changed quickly and easily.


Precision work

"For all materials applies: The KT 18 LTX 66 BL saws in an absolutely precise and clean manner", says Grün. The fit on the guide rail can be adjusted without clearance. They are compatible with the "FS" guide rail system from Metabo and many other standard rail systems on the market. Even with guide rail, the plunge cut circular saw saws up to 60 millimetre thick workpieces. Users can adjust the cutting depth down to the millimetre on the large scale. Since it has a double indicator, the cutting depth with and without guide rail can be read. The angle setting has stops at 0 and 45 degrees.The swivel range can be extended to -1 and +46 degrees for customised transitions between workpiece edges.


Keeping the ground free from chips

"We have attached great importance not only to absolute precision, but also the topic of cleanliness when developing the saw", says Grün. "Pieces of material flying about are annoying, especially when working indoors or when sawing gypsum fibre or cement-bound boards with their fine dust." The supplied dust collection bag already accommodates a major part of the chips. A vacuum cleaner can also be connected for maximum cleanliness, such as the new Metabo cordless vacuum cleaner ASR 36-18 BL 25 M SC. Thanks to the CordlessControl system it switches on automatically as soon as the saw is in operation. Manual switching on and off is not required. If you would like to work without extraction, the sawdust ejection nozzle can be rotated and locked individually.


The 18 volt cordless plunge cut circular saw extends the cross-manufacturer battery pack system Cordless Alliance System (CAS) by another device. Within CAS there are currently more than 160 machines and tools from different manufacturers compatible with one battery pack and can be combined at will. The KT 18 LTX 66 BL is available in a set with either two 8.0 Ah or two 5.5 Ah battery packs in the new Metabo metaBOX case. Included is also the quick charger ASC 145, which fully charges an 8.0 Ah LiHD battery pack in only 60 minutes. For newcomers to the "FS" guide rail system, the saw is available also as a set with the guide rail FS 160.


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