New cordless shears and nibbler from Metabo

Nürtingen, April 2020

Agile working through sheet metal: Metabo introduces cordless nibbler and cordless metal shears

  • Two compact machines for fast cuts in flat and shaped sheet metal
  • Infinitely adjustable cutting speed, suitable for any application
  • Warp-free and spark-free cuts with high cutting output



Nürtingen, April 2020: Heating and ventilation fitters very often work under difficult conditions. For example, they have to cut to size sheet metal for flue flashings, gutters or window frames directly on the roof. "Our new cordless metal shears is just right for this", knows Katja Stark, product manager in the competence centre metal at Metabo. "It is agile and light, and the professional can cut the sheet metal on site." While the new 18 volt cordless metal shears SCV 18 LTX BL 1.6 swiftly cuts flat sheet metal, Metabo also offers a new tool for shaped sheet metal. The cordless nibbler NIV 18 LTX BL 1.6. The cutting direction of the flexible nibbler can be adapted without tools up to 360 degrees in steps of 45 degrees. "For example, for processing corrugated sheets and trapezoidal sheets, the cordless nibbler is just the right choice", says Stark. "And the nibbler cuts without generating any sparks and heat. Like this, neither the material is warped nor the coating gets damaged."


Plenty of power with low weight

Both new products have extra power thanks to their Brushless motors, yet they still fit safely in the hand. "Nibbler and shears are real lightweights. Their slim handle and the switch at the top ensure easy and flexible operation", explains Stark. Depending on the application and task, the cutting speed of the machines can be set infinitely. Both tools are also very agile. Professional users in heating and ventilation shops, air conditioning companies can use the compact metal shears to cut even tight radii from 15 millimetres can be cut without any problems using the metal shears. The cordless nibbler is the right choice for notches, interior cut-outs and radii from 40 millimeters.


Fast change

Do you want to change the cutting direction in hard-to-reach spaces? No problem with the cordless nibbler. You do not even need a tool for this. "Simply turn the die carrier by 45 degrees in the desired direction and off you go", says Stark. Punch and die can also be replaced without tools. "Both is manufactured from high-quality material and therefore very durable", says Stark. This also applies to the cordless metal shears: With its carbide quadruple reversible blade it ensures highest cutting quality. And if an edge has become dull over time, the user can simply turn the blade by 90 degrees and use the other, still sharp cutting edge.


Protects the user and the material

The cordless nibbler punches its way powerfully through the sheet with upwards and downwards movements. "The tool punches small, half-moon shaped chips in the process", explains Stark. "The supplied chip collection bag keeps these chips safely under lock. This protects the user and the material remains undamaged. If the chips remain, for example, on the roof, they will start to rust after a short while, damage the coating and can lead to corrosion on the contact surfaces." Safety is a priority also for metal shears: A chip deflector protects from the sharp edges of the chips and thus avoids injuries.


Full programme

With the cordless nibbler and the cordless metal shears, Metabo expands its programme for cordless processing of sheet metal. In connection with the cordless metal cutting circular saw MKS 18 LTX 58, the cordless drill BE 18 LTX 6 or the cordless rivet gun NP 18 LTX 5.0, Metabo offers professionals in the metal trade everything from a single source. At present, in the Metabo 18 Volt system there are more than 90 machines compatible with one battery pack and they can be combined at will. With the battery pack system "Cordless Alliance System (CAS) this applies even across manufacturers and includes at present more than 160 machines and tools.


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