Special benefits

10 unbeatable reasons for our 900 - 1,700 Watt angle grinders.

  • Ultimate productivity
  • Unparalleled service life
  • Maximum safety
  • Best ergonomics


  • 50 % less hand-arm vibration
  • Longer service life of the machine
  • Double tool life of the grinding discs

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    Metabo S-automatic Safety Clutch

    • No kickback when the disc jams
    • You can continue to work immediately after the disc jams
    • Unique at Metabo since 1966

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        • Extremely quick, tool-less disc change
        • Works always and under all conditions:
          1. Switch off machine
          2. Press red M-Quick spindle button when the disc is near to stopping
          3. The Quick adjusting nut loosens automatically by half a turn.

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            Patented Metabo Disc Brake

            • Fastest brake system for highest user protection (2 sec.)
            • Unique system with 100 % effectiveness, also in case of a power cut due to pure mechanical system

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                Metabo Marathon-Motor

                  • Proven for decades
                  • Highest overload capacity
                  • Highest power density
                  • Maximum durability

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                      Metabo dust protection grid

                        • Longer motor service life due to the new improved Metabo dust protection grid

                            Ventilation System

                            • Convenient ventilation away from the body grip area
                            • Maximum protection of the motor from overheating and overload

                            Auto-stop Carbon Brushes

                            • Longer service life thanks to auto-stop carbon brushes


                              • Restart protection
                              • Adjustable speed for any application (Vario Tacho Constamatic)
                              • Constant speed under load for quick working progress
                              • Soft start/startup current limitation
                              • Overload protection


                                • All Watt classes are available in two switch variants (locking switch and deadman switch)
                                • Motor housing for all switch variants can be rotated at steps of 90 degrees for left or right handed use
                                  Descargar - amoladoras angulares

                                  Aquí puede descargar todo el folleto de amoladoras angulares de Metabo (28MB).

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