Optimum production processes for best quality

Optimum production processes for best quality
More than 50 years of experience in development and construction of electric motors make Metabo a leading supplier in the power tool sector.

The international competitiveness at the highly mechanised location Germany is ensured with the high readiness for innovation and investment in modern production systems with latest production technologies.

Innovative development competence and production-oriented design are the basis for perfect solutions at Metabo. Highly qualified employees at modern workplaces implement the requirements with 3D CAD and simulation programs.

Maximum automatisation with fully linked systems ensures optimum process capability. Lead times are reduced to a minimum. From raw material to the finished motor takes only a few hours.

From the first prototype, Metabo motors are produced on modern Metabo production lines. The buyers of our power tools consequently receive consistent high quality products.

Motor design

Based on existing Metabo motor technologies between 58.5 and 98 mm diameter, the characteristics of the motors can be adapted to all individual applications.

Apart from the adaptation to all global voltages (100 V, 110 V, 120 V, 220 V, 230 V, 240 V), this comprises of specific speed adaptations, the variation of package lengths and the specific winding design. The Metabo motor programme comprises of 150 - 2,500 Watt categories. Naturally, Metabo also offers solutions in the 12-36 Volt DC range.

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