Our handling of EU directive no. 1907/2006 (REACh)

As a reputable German brand-name manufacturer, compliance to the law is a matter of course. We are familiar with the above mentioned regulations. Since publication of the directive, we have worked intensively at implementing the tasks set to us by REACh and are taking comprehensive measures to this end.

In terms of REACh, we are "downstream user". Accordingly, we provide "preparations" and "products".

What that actually means:

  • In accordance with Article 33, we now publish all parts, accessories or machines, which ac-cording to our information, contain more than 0.1 weight by weight (0.1 % w/w) of SVHC's on the REACh candidate list: Metabo_SVHC.pdf. The listing of a material does not neces-sarily mean, that the material is hazardous. Furthermore, it is irrelevant for REACh, whether a listed item is used in machines currently being sold, so long as the specified weight by weight limit is not exceeded.

  • To our knowledge, none of our items contain substances, which would prevent them from going into circulation.

  • You can obtain an up-to-date safety data sheet from our sales department. In compliance with the law, the safety data sheets are modified in case of editorial changes or for new findings.

  • The exposure scenarios and use of our preparations correspond to the specifications of our suppliers.

  • Based on our product range and the appropriate measures of our suppliers, there are pres-ently no substances which we ourselves must register. This is carried out by our supplies or their sub-suppliers.

  • No change within our product range is to be expected as a result of REACh.

If you should have any further questions, please contact us via email at

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