TS 254 + ASR 25 L SC Set (690695000) Mains-powered Machines in a Set

Cardboard box

  • System solution for clean mobile sawing
  • Table Saw TS 254: lightest mobile table saw with stand and trolley function. Setup in only 15 seconds
  • All-purpose Vacuum Cleaner ASR 25 L SC: vacuum cleaner for liquids and dry solids with commercial registration for dust class L. With semi-automatic SelfClean filter cleaning during breaks
  • Table saw TS 254 with stand, carbide saw blade with alternately bevel-ground tips (40 teeth), hard rubber tyres, parallel guide, mitre fence, table length extension, table width extension (right), saw blade storage, chip and dust extraction unit, rubber cable (3 m), push stick. All-purpose vacuum cleaner ASR 25 L SC with suction hose (Ø 35 mm / 3.2 m), handle adapter, 2 plastic suction tubes, 2 polyester filter cassettes (class M), fleece filter bags, crevice nozzle, universal nozzle
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