Combo Set 3.2 10.8 V (685057000) Cordless Machines in a Set

Tool Bag; BS + ASE + SSD

  • Cordless Drill/Screwdriver PowerMaxx BS Basic: spindle with hexagonal recess for screwdriver bits for working without a chuck
  • Cordless sabre saw PowerMaxx ASE: for sawing wood, plastics, metal pipes and profiles and much more
  • Cordless impact driver PowerMaxx SSD: compact cordless impact driver for tough applications
  • Integrated working light
  • Variospeed (V)-Electronics
  • 3-year battery pack warranty
  • Cordless Drill/Screwdriver PowerMaxx BS Basic, Cordless Sabre Saw PowerMaxx ASE, Cordless Impact Driver PowerMaxx SSD, 2 Li-Power Battery Packs (10.8 V/2.0 Ah), Charger LC 40, Tool Bag (small)
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