Aluminium die-cast parts

Aluminium die-casting

    • 2-chamber pre-melting furnace
    • Aluminium alloy 226B - AlSi9Cu3
    • Fully automated casting cells
    • Production with cold chamber procedures.
    • Shot weights up to 13 kg
    • Optimum pre-casting for subsequent machining.
    • Finish casting of functional elements

    Die-cast machines


    Clamping force

    400-880 t


      • Fine processing with fit from IT 5
      • Horizontal and vertical processing
      • Automation with 6-axis robot
      • 5-pages processing

      Processing centre vertical Chiron

      Vertical Chiron
      Working range (X-Y-Z, mm): 550 x 300 x 320
      Axis: 3
      Spindles: 1

      Horizontal Heller
      Working range (X-Y-Z, mm): 630 x 630 x 630
      Axis: 4
      Spindles: 1

      Horizontal Samag

      Working range (X-Y-Z, mm): 450 x 500 x 450
      Axis: 5
      Spindles: 2

        Cleaning and painting

        • Cleaning in water based solutions in dip-coating process
        • Ultrasound cleaning bath
        • Fully automated lacquering system for water soluble 2K lacquers
        • Different colours
        • Application with 2K system and 6-axes robot


        Dip cleaning system Roll
        Dimensions: washing basket inside: L x B x H, 570 x 410 x 375 mm Weight: filled washing basket max. 50 kg

        Lacquering system SPMA
        Application Reiter

        Dimensions: max. part size: height - 450 mm; cutting circle -Ø: 300 mm weight: max. part size - 1 kg

        Contact - aluminium die-cast

        Postal address:
        Metabowerke GmbH
        Metabo-Allee 1
        D-72622 Nürtingen

        Contact person: Mr Helmut Bachmeier